We are organising and supporting several events in London that allow us to learn fast about this emerging technology and also share the best practices from the technical to the business side.

Blocksmith & Blockchain Rookies are facilitating a workshop to help you understand the opportunities and challenges of blockchain in your industry and business. This interactive workshop will frame the conversation of how blockchain solutions can help businesses and industries, through a very pragmatic, business-focused and non-techie approach.

The purpose of the BCDC is to give developers interested in blockchain development a space to examine, explore and understand the wide variety of technologies and tools in a casual, collaborative and competitive environment. The BCDC combines the best elements of a meetup, a workshop and a hackathon all in one.
This community is curated and led by developers for developers with the support of Blocksmith & KR1.

Cryptoeconomics London is a meetup to learn, collaborate and deep-dive into the cryptoeconomics and how they enable impactful blockchain platforms.
Once a month we can have a talk about cryptoeconomics, a presentation of a new protocol, a fireside chat, or a white paper discussion, in order to, foster a community of people working in cryptoeconomics, protocols, token models, mechanism design, etc.