Blockchain technology can transform the way you do business!

Companies around the globe are exploring blockchain technology to create new business models, transform the way they operate and increase efficiency.

Recent Projects

We help startups and corporate mavericks pragmatically assess how blockchain can impact their business. We use blockchain technology to solve real business problems by developing innovative solutions that are simple to use.

— Technical
Discovery & MVP

This corporate client already had a blockchain application in mind that suited his industry and business but needed help ensuring the project was feasible. We started by doing a technical discovery where we worked directly with our client’s team and partners to understand the state of the project and create a set of artefacts that specify the MVP in detail.
After two weeks of discovery, we delivered user flows and wireframes for the system, created the infrastructure architecture, outlined the system requirements regarding blockchain technology and the user stories based on user needs. All these deliverables allowed us to start the Proof of Concept (PoC) with a clear roadmap that reflects the vision of the product.
We are now building a functional blockchain solution and validating it with the users to ensure that what we build is aligned with what people want that will allow our client to raise capital.

Discovery & MVP

— Crypto­economics

This startup is disrupting an existent standard procedure by establishing a stronger incentive for people to participate and cooperate directly.
We applied a two-day discovery methodology focused on Cryptoeconomics to develop a model to incentivize usage of the platform in an efficient and trustworthy manner.
Process covered both the design of the mechanism and the definition of the parameters to apply it. In the mechanism design process, we identified the actors of the system, the desired outcomes and the constraints, validate them and iterate through the process. After the mechanism, we worked on the definition of the different parameters that would provide the adequate weight and balance to it and then validate them by a combination of thought experiments and numerical modelling.
The discovery methodology together with discussions with the client, our team knowledge and our wide network of partners allowed us to recommend a more complete cryptoeconomics model that will now be tested and developed.


— Discovery &

Global b2b product supply business with an obsession with customer service, a highly complex supply chain and logistics infrastructure was looking for innovative solutions to dramatically increase efficiency, use data to improve supply chain and increase reliability to its customer base. After an industry analysis and interviews with internal and external stakeholders, we identified its key challenges of the company: paper-based records, patchy information spread through multiple systems and a lack of traceability and accountability. For each challenge, we analysed the business opportunities and the critical flows in order to recommend solutions using blockchain technology. The outcome was a product vision and we are now working on the Proof of Concept.

Discovery &

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Blocksmith is a blockchain studio that leverages the experience in building products by Whitesmith and funded by KR1.

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