Who we are

Blocksmith is a blockchain studio based in London! A spin-off of Whitesmith, a product studio established in 2012, and supported by KR1, Europe's leading public crypto investment company.

As a blockchain studio, we pursue mastery on blockchain technology, while being able to leverage Whitesmith capabilities in product discovery, design and development.

Our expertise to work on product early stages is complemented by our network of experts (ICO advisors, investors like KR1, insurance brokers, solicitors, etc). Through this mix we partner with corporate mavericks and startups, helping them achieve funding internal buy-in and other strategic business goals. Our processes are designed to be tuned for distributed teams, enabling us to work in the past with clients across US, AUS, Far East and naturally Europe.

We are embedded within the Blockchain community supporting and participating in several events in London that allow us to share best practices from the technical to the business side.

What we do

— Discovery and Strategy

The Discovery process is about developing a deep understanding of the uncertainty points, risks and key stakeholders.
The agenda and activities are adjusted as needed to ensure we deliver and work together towards a strategic goal.

The outcome could be a product vision, a roadmap that’s strategic for the business, a technical overview of your solution or a revision of your cryptoeconomics model.


— Proof of Concept (POC)

The Proof of Concept will allow us to demonstrate the feasibility and practical potential of the project. With a focused timeline and scope, the main purpose is to develop and validate quickly.
The outcome could be a functional product limited in features, running on a test net or that simulates interaction between actors to demonstrate that it can be developed and validates the technical feasibility.

— Minimum viableproduct (MVP)

Through an agile process of build, launch, learn and build better we are going to build a functional solution with basic features in order to maximize the validated learning with the least effort and launch it into the public.
The goal is to go to the market with a validated product through the most efficient path.