What we do

Blocksmith is a Research, Strategy and Product team focused entirely on Web3 and the application of Blockchain. As leading practitioners in this fast-moving field, our expertise is called on by both Web3 native start-ups and established businesses to bring additional knowledge and capabilities where they lack specialised knowledge and resources.

—  Research

Specialised Web3 / Blockchain research and thought leadership for organisations looking to leverage the capabilities of Blockchain with more confidence and certainty. We undertake research on most aspects of Blockchain, and our track record includes impactful research projects conducted on behalf of both Web3 native organisations and to those seeking to integrate Blockchain into their established business.

—  Research fields

  • Web3 Product and UX – User research that empowers greater product adoption through improved user experience and reduced friction.
  • Crypto Economics – Token and crypto economic design for Web3 startups and projects.
  • Blockchain Engineering – Blockchain technologies, systems, approaches and their impact.

—  Recent work

Acting for a disruptive startup we established a stronger incentive for people to participate and cooperate directly. We applied a two-day discovery methodology focused on crypto economics to develop a model to incentivize usage of the platform in an efficient and trustworthy manner.

The process covered both the design of the mechanism and the definition of the parameters to apply it. In the mechanism design process, we identified the actors of the system, the desired outcomes and the constraints, validated them and iterated through the process. After the mechanism, we worked on the definition of the different parameters that would provide the adequate weight and balance to it and then validated them by a combination of thought experiments and numerical modelling.

Through the discovery methodology together with discussions with the client, our team knowledge and our wide network of partners allowed us to recommend a more complete crypto economics model that will now be tested and developed.

—  Strategy

Blocksmith’s Web3 strategy services help organisations achieve their objectives more quickly, effectively and consistently. Working alongside our clients we co-create a strategic blueprint or enhanced action plan, helping them to move with greater confidence and less risk by applying Blocksmith’s unique mix of commercial insight and first-hand Blockchain experience.

—  Strategy Services

  • In-depth research of context – Industry, market, long-term business objectives, assets.
  • Roadmap Planning – Developing a plan together that affects change on the most impactful levers for your objectives
  • Delivery Management – Steward execution to ensure strategy translates effectively into practical implementation using our 5th generation management playbook

—  Recent work

Global b2b product supply business with an obsession with customer service, a highly complex supply chain and logistics infrastructure was looking for innovative solutions to dramatically increase efficiency, use data to improve supply chain and increase reliability to its customer base. After an industry analysis and interviews with internal and external stakeholders, we identified the key challenges of the company: paper-based records, patchy information spread through multiple systems and a lack of traceability and accountability. For each challenge, we analysed the business opportunities and the critical flows in order to recommend solutions using blockchain technology. The outcome was a product vision which then evolved into a Proof of Concept and a Pilot.

—  Proof of Concept

Reduce the Technical and User Experience risk in your project and demonstrate project viability by producing a Proof of Concept. Blocksmith is part of Whitesmith, a transformative product studio with a decade of proven experience in getting client products into market. Our combined teams give us the capability to deliver complex impactful proof of your product concept.

—  Areas of Expertise:

  • Development – Test and prove technical viability of your strategy
  • Research – Validate user experience and acceptance
  • Validation – Demonstrate product viability for greater buy-in

—  Recent work

Corporate Client already had a blockchain application in mind that suited their industry and business but needed help ensuring the project was feasible. We started by doing a technical discovery where we worked directly with our client’s team and partners to understand the state of the project and create a set of artefacts that specify the MVP in detail.

After two weeks of discovery, we delivered user flows and wireframes for the system, created the infrastructure architecture, outlined the system requirements regarding blockchain technology and the user stories based on user needs. All these deliverables allowed us to start the Proof of Concept (PoC) with a clear roadmap that reflects the vision of the product.

We are now building a functional blockchain solution and validating it with the users to ensure that what we build is aligned with what people want and that will allow our client to raise capital.

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